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Deep Tissue

At times, I know some kinks just will not go away with regular massages and healing treatments. Sometimes, you need a massage that goes deeper and a therapist who knows how to really relieve the grittiest of pains. In no time at all, an experienced massage therapist will masterfully execute a deep tissue massage, slowly working their way to loosen even the tightest muscles. Gradually, you will feel all the kinks vanish and all your knots come undone. In no time at all, you will feel renewed, reenergized and revitalized, ready to take on the world and all those in it.

Relaxation / Swedish

Soft tissue therapy helps alleviate discomfort associated with everyday and occupational stresses, muscular over-use and many chronic pain conditions. it Increases blood supply and restores muscles and connective tissues to a relaxed and flexible pain-free.

Soft Tissue Therapeutic

At times, I know you just want to let your mind and body wander and simply lose yourself in a nexus of serenity and tranquility. At Liliane Daves Esthetics & Massage, I help you achieve just that, and much more. As a licensed and experienced therapist, I will guide your mind, body and soul into a state of tranquility, using my gentle hands to calm your nerves, alleviate pain, combat fatigue and enhance blood circulation.

Lymphatic Drainage

Your lymphatic system is a vital component of your body, working to help blood plasma reenter your blood and help your body combat infections. Using powerful yet gentle strokes, I will improve lymphatic circulation, helping your body remove metabolic waste, bacteria and any extra fluid that should not be present. The soft rhythmic techniques I use helps your wounds and fissures closer faster, ulcerations and bruises heal better and inflammation alleviate quicker. My lymphatic drainage massage has also proven to be highly effective in pregnant women, alleviating a number of the mental and physical stress conditions these brave women endure.

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